Drina River

Heart of Bajina Bašta

The Drina river extends Tara from the northwestern and northern sides and represents the largest contact river in the municipality of Bajina Basta in the length of 60 km. The Drina is formed by the merging of Piva and Tara near Scepan Polje in Montenegro with a total flow of 345.9 km and represents the largest tributary of the Sava River.

Drina belongs to the second class and is considered to be the cleanest watercourses of Serbia. The Drina is known as a cave of rafting, known for its rapacious rapids and waterfalls, now in its lakes positively and calm.

Fishing on the Drina is an experience that is not forgotten.
It is a paradise for fishermen, because in addition to being one of the cleanest rivers, it also abounds in various types of fish, of which more attractive are the oak, the trout, the scavenger, the dam, the clone, the barbecue, the som ...

There are about 30 species of fish in the Drina River, but it is certainly the most famous young woman, also known as the "Queen of the Drina". Of all the fish on Drina it is most difficult to catch and it is the dream of every fisherman, and the largest specimens in Europe with over 30 kg were caught in the Bajina Bašta area. In addition to the fowl, which is hunted for artificial bait, it is very attractive hunting for fly fishing.

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