Ethno Village

Drvengrad is an ethno village in a citylike form and structure. It is in the form of a rectangle whose long (main) axis at one end has an entrance gate, and on another small wooden church.

The church was built on the reputation of the Russian wooden church and is dedicated to the Holy Sava. In the central part of the village, the square is paved with wooden cubes and cut wooden thresholds and surrounded by log cabins.

The loggates are authentic and transmitted, some from these parts, and some from Bosnia, in the form of skeletons and placed on stone posts.

In each of them there are characteristic features for the city: picture gallery, library, cinema, Andergraund candy shop, homemade cakes and natural juices, national restaurant, folk art shop of that region.

Drinska Bajka Apartmens
Mališevac BB, 31250 Bajina Bašta, Srbija

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  • +381 (0) 63 556 333