Drina Fairy Tale

Dear friends,

Drinska Bajka (Eng. The Drina Fairy Tale) Apartments were born out of a desire that this corner of the Earth, deservedly called one of the most beautiful parts of Europe – and, of course, Serbia – gets an apartment complex with exceptional tourist and aesthetic merits. Bajina Bašta and its surrounding have, for years now, been developing their tourist potential at a blistering pace, and today a sizeable number of tourists pick this destination as their main point of interest.

Tara National Park, the Drina – one of the most beautiful European rivers, Lakes Perućac and Zaovine, idyllic scenic overlooks, and big public events are just some of the reasons for the upsurge in the popularity of this region in tourist guides. All that considered, expanding accommodation capacities of the area, and striving to make our guests’ stay as exceptional as possible arise as logical and legitimate requests.

Drinska Bajka Apartments are a novelty on the market, offering maximum comfort and plethora of amenities. The complex contains four superbly commodious apartments, a swimming pool with deck chairs, a nicely maintained and accessible trail to the river, and various sport facilities.

Our location occupies an ideal geographical position, if you are interested in visiting and exploring all the most attractive landmarks of this region. Let us emphasize that Drvengrad (also known as Küstendorf), Tara National Park, lakes Zaovine and Perućac, Višegrad and many more hidden gems that you simply must explore are all located in the immediate vicinity (Višegrad can be reached by boat through one of the most beautiful canyons, the Tara river canyon, crowned as the third deepest in the entire world). High-quality accommodation, tucked in right by the Drina, is certainly something that Bajina Bašta lacked in this part of the basin.

Simply put, the idea behind Drinska Bajka Apartments is to challenge the boundaries of the possible, and to be the ones who will turn your every dream holiday fantasy into a reality.

Being among the pioneers in defining construction standards for such a complex is a pivotal constituent of the future development of tourism in our municipality. That is why we decided not to make any compromises, but to offer the utmost pleasure and comfort in the environment that absolutely deserves a place like this.

We will be ready to welcome our first guests as soon as next spring. In the meantime, we encourage you to contact us and feel free to ask anything that you would like to know about Drinska Bajka Apartments.


You are ever so welcome here!


Drinska Bajka Apartments Team

Drinska Bajka Apartmens
Mališevac BB, 31250 Bajina Bašta, Srbija

Should you have further questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to contact us.


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  • +381 (0) 63 556 333