Rača Monastery

Monastery complex

Hidden in the valley of a mountain river that is soon flowing into the Drina, there is a monastery of Rača, after the birth of the endowment of King Dragutin from the end of the 13th century. Demolished and renewed, this sanctuary is the light of Serbian literacy in the Middle Ages, and its refugee monks copy the books and preserve the living language of the place in the far north, to Đura and Sentandreja.

It is interesting that the Raca monastery first started tourism on Tara, raising a hiking house, between the two world wars.

During the Second World War in the Monastery of Rača, in the period from April 1941 to July 8, 1943, the most valuable book of Serbian literature - the Miroslav Gospel, which is the oldest surviving book written in the Serbian literary language. The Germans were in 1941. robbed the monastery, and on October 16, 1943. the Bulgarian criminal expedition again robbed the monastery and burned the strings.

In the immediate vicinity of the monastery there is the Šetna trasa Rača which belongs to the easy walking path.
It starts from the Monastery Rača and leads to the Lađevac spring at the entrance to the Nature Reserve "Klisura Rače".

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