Drinska Regata

The most famous party on the water

At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the river Drina was sovereign, rafts that were wiped out by the waves of the deserted river Drina on their rafts every day. They caused admiration with their rafting skill, boldness and durability. The centuries-old rafting with Drina was interrupted by the construction of a hydroelectric power plant, and the famous rafters had to leave their river and their occupation.

In an attempt to take away from oblivion at least part of this time, when there is hundreds of rafts on the Drina boat, the Sports and Tourist Center "Bajina Bašta" organizes "Drina regatta" every year.

The Drina regatta is the oldest manifestation of a tourist and recreational character on the Drina River, which is organized by S. T. C. "Bajina Bašta" and the Municipality of Bajina Basta in commemoration of the ancient tradition of drill rafts.

The Drina regatta is a central tourist and recreational event that should present the tourist offer of this region. The regatta is the most visited event in Western Serbia and the central summer event on the water. This hepening on the river Drina, for three days, attracts tens of thousands of visitors from the country and abroad with various contents.

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