Sports Activities

Sports, recreation and active holiday

The modern way of life and work, caused radical changes, both in the character and structure of the load in working conditions, as well as in the character and manner of conducting leisure time and leisure. Given that modern work is most often devoid of dynamic muscular strains and for the human organism necessary optimal motor activity, a need has emerged for finding appropriate activities (programs) that will in the free time satisfy some of the basic human needs, which are reflected in the movement, recreation, communication, games, entertainment, etc., which will contribute to a better and better quality of life.

For active holiday lovers, sports complexes have been built in our complex, and we are equipped with other equipment to provide you with maximum comfort.

The complex includes a small football field, beach volleyball, basketball, outdoor gym, table tennis, bicycles at your disposal, as well as a boat for lowering the Drina.

Drinska Bajka Apartmens
Mališevac BB, 31250 Bajina Bašta, Srbija

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  • +381 (0) 63 556 333