Tara Mountain

Mountain beauty

The nature of Tara mountain has been richly donated to various geomorphological units, specific forms of relief and other natural beauties, which makes it one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. Tara and neighboring Zvijezda, form a unique mountain unit, shared by the canyon valleys of the rivers Derventa and Beli Rzav.

These mountains form the eastern branches of the Dinaric system with a similar structure and route of delivery (northwest-southeast), which Drina used a deep and colorful canyon valley. The total area of the Tara Mountain is 183 km2 and the average height is 1200 m. The area of Tara National Park occupies an area of 19,175 hectares. In the NP Tara area, there are a significant number of protected species (1100 species of higher plants in total, of which the best known is Pančić's omelette) and animal species (in total, about 170 species of birds, about 53 species of mammals ...)

The climate at Tara is continental-mountainous. The average temperature of flying is 15.3 oC, and in the winter it is -3.7 oC. The number of sunny days is 62 per year. The average daily insolation is 7.2 hours and 2.8 hours in winter. The average length of the snow cover is 106 days with an average snow thickness of 100 cm. The period under the snow is from October to April.

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